Everlast SuperCut 50 is another great cheap plasma cutter that I decided to include because it’s relatively lower price. I have had great success with it when cutting. 1/2” cuts have always been no problem when using this thing. As for cutting thicker metals, I tend not to test it as the consumables on this machine are much harder to come by then the other machines causing me to have to have to actually go online and order the parts rather than being able to buy replacements at the store. For some reason most stores where welding products are sold Everlast products are hard to find. This can be a bit annoying especially if I need to complete a job that I have started on. It also comes in at just above 600 dollars which is a bit more than the Lotos. It definitely comes more complete along with instructions on how to operate so if this is something you feel you need, it maybe a better option than the Lotos LTP5000D.

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Everlast Supercut 50Warranty Program

Another thing to consider is the 5 year warranty that comes along with the Supercut 50. Obviously, the little bit extra that you may spend over the Lotos has its reasons its just more up to you and how much you want to spend on this machine.

Everlast SuperCut 50 Features

  • Excellent warranty program
  • Very clear instructions
  • High precision cuts


I think spending the extra money is worth it compared to the Lotus.  Do not get me wrong, the Lotus is a great cutter, but the Everlast is better for different things.  The Everlast is made more for precision cuts.  That is why I use this one on cuts that need to be accurate and very high quality.  If you need cutting like this done, then the Everlast is your best bet by far.  When it comes to precision, the Everlast 50 is the way to go.

The Everlast Supercut 50 provides the ultimate precision cuts.  There are a lot of times when the other cutters in this price range just simply can not provide the same cuts as this one.

Everlast Supercut 50 in Action


What Customers are Saying

People who have purchased this cutter really love it.  They do not like the fact that consumables are hard to find, but said that they are able to make do with what they got.  It has excellent ratings on all platforms.

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 Final Thoughts

The Everlast supercut 50 is my go to when it comes to 1/2” cuts or smaller.  The quality and precision of these cuts are unmatched by another plasma cutter on the market in the same price range.  When I send employees out in the field, this is the tool they are yielding.  You see, other cutters in this price range are great, such as the Lotus, but they cannot provide the same quality and cuts that I need and expect from my cutters.  There is just no way it is possible from any other cutter in this price range.