My first experience as a welding shop manager was not encouraging enough, especially since I purchased my first welder in a completely random manner. Basically, I looked for a middle priced unit and purchased it – no question asked. Terrible mistake! I learned my lesson, so my next unit was thoroughly researched before making a final choice. Forney 307 MIG Welder 130FI-A Flux Core is now my favorite welder.

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Forney’s welding machine is portable, powerful and built to last. There is not much you can ask from it.

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Portability with no Limitations

Apart from its weight (53 pounds), the portability of this welding machine is given by its carting capabilities too. This product is available with or without a cart. Basically, the cart is optional. The difference is not so big, yet it is worth some attention. No matter what model you are looking for, the other one is available as a separate product. If you need plenty of flexibility, the cart will make your life easier. It is tall and fitted with four wheels. Two of them are larger for more stability.

No Assembly Required

Sure, this may not be the only welding machine in the world that does not need assembly. However, this possibility is definitely worth some attention. If this is the first welding machine you use, chances are you have no clue how to put it together. Some units come in small parts that require special assembly. That is when real problems occur. Fortunately, this one is different. You can set it up and use it out of the box. What can be more convenient than that?

Friendly Control Panel

You do not have to be a genius to start using this welder as soon as you get it. The control panel is located on one side. It does not hide too many secrets. You only have a few knobs responsible for the settings. Every setting is labeled. Still unsure about something in particular? The owner’s manual has all the required information.

Features and Specifications of Forney 307 MIG Welder 130FI-A Flux Core

  • Weighs 53 pounds
  • Measures 29×16.5×44 inches
  • Cart is optional
  • Corded electric power source
  • 120V voltage
  • 130A amperage capacity
  • 35CFM air flow capacity
  • One plastic handle

Customer Reviews and Scores

I found about 18 reviews for Forney’s welder – the cart based variety. The other one has even more reviews. After all, the machine functionality is what truly matters. Overall, it scores 4.8 out of 5 stars.

“I’m blown away by how accessible and advanced this welding equipment is. This unit works as a MIG welder, as well as a flux core wire welder.”

“I didn’t get the right tip, but I returned the unit and got the correct one. Other than that, I can’t complain about it. It does what it’s supposed to do.”

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In conclusion, Forney 307 MIG Welder 130FI-A Flux Core is quite an impressive welder. Its user friendly construction makes it great for both new and more advanced users.