I never really imagined that welders can be too diversified. After all, their characteristics look alike when you analyze one product at a time. However, not doing your homework can lead to devastating effects. My first welder was a top failure. It was alright for those with limited demands, but it just would not raise to my necessities. My last purchase is different. I bought Hobart 500553 Handler 210 MVP For Use With SpoolRunner 100 after seriously analyzing my options and considering my necessities.

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The 500553 model is reliable, quite diversified and able to tackle more necessities. But then, what else should you expect from it?

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Switching the Input Power at a Glance

Flexibility is a must in welding machines. You can use 115V or 230V, depending on your needs. It is up to you to connect to the right receptacle. Fortunately, you do not have to be an expert to do it. No tools are required either. Instead, use the right receptacle and the welder will adjust by itself. The same rule applies to the spool gun. Just plug it in directly, without any adjustments or settings.

Versatility at Its Finest

Hobart’s welder offers a top-notch versatility. You can practically use it in all kinds of operations, regardless of your necessities. Feel free to tackle auto body panels, decks, frames, hitches, racks, garden equipment, metallic sculptures, fences, exhaust systems and others. Do not hesitate to use the spoon gun to weld aluminum. The SpoolRunner 100 spoon gun can be plugged in without any settings, yet it is optional, so it does not come with the package.

User Friendly and Intuitive

Even if this is your first welder, it does not necessarily mean that you need to seek professional help to use it. Instead, you only require a few minutes. The setup is intuitive. Luckily, you also have a detailed owner’s manual for proper guidance. The same goes for the control panel. Every setting or button is labeled, so you know precisely what you are doing. There is just no room for mistakes.

Features and Specifications of Hobart 500553 Handler 210 MVP For Use With SpoolRunner 100

  • Weighs 87.6 pounds
  • Measures 24×18.6×13.2 inches
  • 115V or 230V input power
  • 7 voltage settings at 230V
  • 4 voltage settings at 115V
  • Cast aluminum system
  • Can weld 24 gauge to 3/8 inch mild steel
  • Dual groove
  • Compatible with SpoolRunner 100 spool gun

Customer Reviews and Scores

I found close to 50 reviews while finishing this report. With 4.8 out of 5 stars, it is no surprise why this welder is so widely appreciated. Obviously, it cannot be perfect for everyone.

“This welder is a breeze to use – even a year since I got it. Its beads on steel are simply perfect.”

“I’m not sure if it’s just be, but the power button is not smooth at all. Besides, the ground wire feels quite stiff.”

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In the end, Hobart 500553 Handler 210 MVP For Use With SpoolRunner 100 raises to one’s expectations and respects the manufacturer’s quality standards. It is a durable tool with multifunction purposes.