Unlike Hobart, Lotos doesn’t have the track record as some of the other top companies as it is relatively new on the scene, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for this Lotos LPT5000D. Also unlike the Hobart this machine doesn’t pack any where near the power of some of the stronger machines. It is more designed to be highly portable and still deliver exceptional power. The biggest advantage this machine has over the competition is that it is nearly half the price or even less than the major opponents in the market; making it a great place to start looking for a great at home cheap plasma cutter. As for places where there is high demand for cutting big jobs, I’m not sure this machine will be able to handle it. It is by no means weak though, routinely cutting sheet metal of at least 1/2” without much trouble.

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Lotos LTP5000D

One thing to be prepared for when purchasing the Lotos is that it comes with basically just the machine. No instructions are included what so ever, but hundreds of different guides or video walk throughs are available around the internet so this should not prove to be too much of a problem. It also doesn’t come with many of the accessories that will be needed to actually begin the process of cutting metals so this is something to be ready for. These are some of the things that you sacrifice with such a low price tag. That being said it is definitely still worth the trouble of doing a little research on how to work the machine and what you’ll need to get it started as its price is truly unbeatable.

Inexpensive Yet High Performance

The quality is also sure to please the majority of people’s needs. I have seen it generally priced around just above 400 dollars which is a steal when looking at the others available.  This is a great entry level cutter, and I highly recommend it as a first purchase.  Sure, it may not be the best cutter in the world, but it gets the job done right and quickly.  Unless you are hitting multiple job sites a day or doing crazy amounts of cutting, this will work just fine for you.  I have never had any issues with it nor have any of my employees or friends.  I use this drill around the house for basic cutting needs.  I know a lot of my friends in the industry use it as well for personal and for client use.

Lotos LPT5000D Features

  • Excellent pricing
  • Easily cut 1/2 inch steel
  • Designed to be highly portable


 Lotos LPT5000D in Action

What Customers Are Saying

Consumers tend to not like the fact that it does not come with any instructions.  However, many of them make do and watch online videos and create their own manuals.  They tend to agree that once you know how to use it, it is well worth it.

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Final Thoughts

For the money, I would say Lotos LPT5000D is one of the best plasma cutters on the market by far.  It far surpasses any other cutter in its price range and makes quality cuts.  I have heard of and experienced other cutters in the market for this price range that simply underperformed compared to the Lotos.  This is something nobody wants to have to deal with.  Underperforming cutters make you lose money and make unhappy clients.  In the long run, buying another drill besides the Lotus is simply stupid.  It will not preform nearly as well and will usually end up costing you money in the long run.  The Lotus LPT500D is great to keep around as an extra cutter in case your main cutter goes out.  I require all my employees to have one in the van as well.  It is so cheap that I can buy a few of these, and going out to one job site will pay for them all.  You can’t say that about any other cutter.  All in all, if you are looking for a backup cutter or even a main cutter, this is one of your best bets.