Miller Spectrum 375 X-TREME is another great portable plasma cutter I enjoy taking with me on jobs. Its easier than some of the others to transport so there is little hassle there.  Nothing is worst than having to cary around a huge power tool all day, that is why I love this cutter so much.  It is lightweight.  Once I started using this one, I noticed how much easier it was to bring to different job sites.   Again this one does not need to be compared to the Airforce 700i because they are truly in different classes of plasma cutters so no, it cannot cut over 1” like I see with my Hobart, but this machine definitely competes with the Lotos LTP5000D and Everest SuperCut 50 however. It definitely serves every purpose you could hope for in a home shop so there is no worries there.

One thing I have really enjoyed with Spectrum 375 X-TREAM is that unlike Everlast the consumables are very easy to find every where and the customer service is amazing. This is perfect for smaller jobs that don’t require too much cutting.  The thing about this one is that its accuracy is on matched.  I am able to get quality cuts without too much work every time I use it.  This is one of the main things I look for when buying a cutter.

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Miller Spectrum 375 X-TREAMEasy Access To Consumables 

One of my favorite things is that I am able to find the Miller consumables everywhere, and by everywhere, I mean everywhere.  No longer do I have to go on crazy searches looking for consumables.

Having to go on these wild goose hunts for consumables costs me time and money.  Nothing is worst than having a client get angry because his cuts aren’t getting done on time.  You can’t really tell a client that you ran out of consumables and have to go find some more before you start cutting again.

This is what puts the Spectrum above other cutters.  The fact that if I run out of consumables, I know I will be able to locate more for cheap and on time.  No longer do I have this problem due to the availability and price of consumables for this cutter.

Miller Spectrum 375 X-TREME Features

  • Easy access to consumables
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


Spectrum 375 X-TREME in Action

What customers are saying

Users of the cutter love the fact that consumables are so easy to find.  They find the accuracy of the cutter much better than other cutters on the market.  Consumers are also very excited about the fact that the cutter is so light weight.  This makes it very easy for them to move around from job to job.

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Final Thoughts

I recommend Millers Spectrum 375 X-TREME to everyone in the market for a new cutter.  It gets the job done right the first time and is very easy to use compared to some of the other plasma cutters on the market.  I find it especially useful for those who do a lot of cutting because of the availability of consumables for this cutter.  I know often times I have to postpone projects due to the consumables I have on hand, and this makes it very tough on myself and my employees.  It makes it even worst on clients.  That is why you can expect this cutter to be one of the best plasma cutters in 2015.